rolls out Bonus Buy Feature Trigger by Hacksaw Gaming

We are delighted to inform that St8 rolls out Bonus Buy Feature Trigger by Hacksaw Gaming via seamless Bonus API. This new feature will empower casino managers and CRM gurus to create unforgettable marketing campaigns. Most importantly this functionality will work within few clicks.

With Bonus Buy trigger from Hacksaw Gaming players can experience a different gameplay environment, complete with dynamic background changes, unique symbols, and exciting mechanics. This feature offers higher volatility and an increased chance to win incredible rewards.

St8 integrated Bonus Buy Feature via API

So how does it work?

Hacksaw Gaming slots, apart from basic gameplay, allow users to buy bonus by clicking on the “Bonus Buy” button. St8’s Bonus API allows b2b platforms and Casinos directly to reward with bonus games via the api. CRM manager become more powerful and flexible with their campaigns.

Whether you choose to use it as a reward for your mid-high/high value players or as a reactivation tool, the Buy Bonus Trigger from Hacksaw Gaming is a powerful VIP retention tool.  Instead of simply awarding Free Spins, now you can offer your esteemed players a 100x (or even more!) bonus buy for “free”! Elevate their gaming experience and make them feel truly special.

As always, you have the flexibility to integrate this feature seamlessly into your platform via our API or simply pick this option in our Backoffice. Using this feature casino ops can customise the offering according to your players’ preferences. Take your CRM strategies to the next level and ensure your players keep coming back for more exhilarating gaming adventures.

Interested? Reach out to us, we will be more than happy to provide details about the Bonus Buy Feature Trigger by Hacksaw Gaming or upcoming releases.