and Relax Gaming Partnership

St8 teams up with Relax Gaming

We’ve teamed up with award-winning, multi-product provider Relax Gaming, giving our partners greater access to industry-leading games and boosting customer engagement. 

Creative campaigns with no hassle or fuss

You’ll likely already know that at St8, we connect some of the best and brightest emerging and established providers with operators worldwide. You might not know that at St8, we often do even more with our partners. 

Tasked with continuously coming up with new ways to engage customers, Customer Retention Management (CRM) can be a time-consuming and technically tiresome feat for any marketing team. At St8 and Relax, we know there’s a better way.

Enter our partnership. 

As part of our partnership, operators can track and issue bonus buys on Relax games through our state-of-the-art API. In non-technical terms, that means that by taking advantage of this feature, our partners can easily design and set up their own totally unique tournaments on Relax’s vast range of leading games.  Say, for example, the popular Slot Battles tournaments.

Ultimately this reduces the internal load on marketing. And, importantly,  gives marketing teams the tools and time to focus on what they do best; being creative.

A brilliant match

“When we launched St8, our aim wasn’t to be just another aggregator. Instead, we wanted to use our industry experience and technological know-how to creatively address the inefficiencies we knew our partners are up against.  

“Our partnership with Relax, a company well-known for its fresh approach to technical excellence and passion for business simplicity, is, therefore, a brilliant pairing.”, said Vlad Negine, Founder and CEO of St8. 

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