Forget about images design routine, St8 Thumbnails got you covered!

In the modern iGaming world, the battle for player engagement begins with the first click. That’s why is excited to introduce our latest offering—custom game thumbnails through our versatile API. Our aim is clear: to transform how players perceive and engage with casino games by providing diverse, eye-catching thumbnails that make a lasting first impression and drastically decrease the time to market (alongside the reduction of costs) for an operator on the other hand.

St8 Thumbnails are provided automatically via the API

Diverse Resolutions for Optimal Display

Our API caters to a variety of display and layout needs by providing game thumbnails in five different resolutions: 1×1, 2×1, 3×4, 3×2, and 4×3. This ensures that your games look exceptional, no matter the platform or device they are viewed on. With thumbnails available in various aspect ratios, our API ensures that your casino games look stunning and inviting on all devices, seamlessly meeting the requirements of responsive design.

Tailored and unique thumbnail via St8 API

In the fiercely competitive online gaming industry, having a unique and recognisable brand is key. With our casino aggregation API, you can get thumbnails that align seamlessly with your casino games’ look and feel, providing a consistent, visually appealing user experience. You can see that there is a trend for images where a beautiful gradient goes down from the middle of the vertical thumbnail and it ends with the game name and the name of a casino game provider. One of the 6 variations we have is following this trend. No matter what the image is – it’s custom-made by the team of our designers and available to St8’s clients for free.

Multiple Formats for Enhanced Versatility

We understand that flexibility matters. Our API supports two popular image formats, .jpg and .webp, giving you the freedom to choose the best format for your platform, optimising both performance and visual quality. Reduce load times on your website or application with the efficient .webp format, providing a seamless user experience that keeps your players immersed and satisfied.

Easy Integration for a Seamless Experience

Integration should never be a roadblock. With our API, the integration process is designed to be quick, easy, and seamless, enabling hassle-free implementation into your platform. Our Casino Game Aggregator API is designed with developers in mind, providing clear documentation and comprehensive support to streamline the implementation process.

Boost User Engagement with St8 Quality Thumbnails

Research shows that high-quality thumbnails significantly impact user engagement. Captivate your audience from the outset with enticing thumbnails, potentially boosting user interaction and gameplay on your platform.

At, we believe in enhancing the gaming experience, right from the first interaction. With our Custom Game Thumbnails, we’re not just providing images for casino slots (like Play’n GO and Pragmatic Play etc.), live dealer games or table games; we’re offering a gateway to an enhanced, visually captivating gaming journey. Elevate your player experience and reap the benefits of engaged, satisfied users by integrating our API today.